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RapidShare Adopts 'Guilt by Accusation' Approach to Piracy

File-hosting site RapidShare has published what it hopes might be a Bible of sorts for cloud-storage services seeking to keep on the right side of the law.

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Eastday-China rejects Japan’s rail patents claims

BEIJING – The Ministry of Railways has rejected a Japanese claim accusing China of violating intellectual property rights concerning high-speed rail technology. The accusation came after China submitted applications for international patents. (19 mins ago)

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Facebook shoots first, ignores questions later; account lock-out attack works

Got enemies on Facebook? Facebook is so eager to protect copyright that the mere accusation of copyright infringement is enough to get an account locked. Ars found this out the hard way Thursday morning when our own Facebook page became inaccessible, with no warning, no explanation, and no clear appeal process. Read the comments on this post (23 hours ago)

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