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Drinking an ocean through a straw – ChangeDetect

driking ocean through straw changedetect

The Internet is complicated.

Literally billions of pages of content are presented on the web, oftentimes in non-standard, non linear form.

And for those of you paying attention, the Internet is dynamic.

In the time it has taken you to read these few words, the Internet has already changed. By as much as 5%.

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The right way to approach web page monitoring is with the idea that ChangeDetect is the tool designed to save you time.

When a web page monitoring service stops saving you time, it is time to pack it in and call it a day.

We can say this, because ChangeDetect will save you time.

No matter who you are, you care about something that is published online. And if it is published online, then it will change or go out of service at some point.

We are the first to admit that web page monitoring is not the be-all and end-all perfect solution for all of your problems. But when done right, you can use ChangeDetect to automate a great many dull and unimportant tasks like visiting the same web pages every day. No longer will you have to search for web changes. They will be sent to you…

Please keep in mind however that setting up your urlminders is not always push-button.

Our ChangeDetect developers strive hard to make it so, but attempts at constructing the universal web page monitoring application would be like trying to drink an ocean through a straw.


Bottom line is that you will have to tweak your urlminders using the advanced web page monitoring settings from ChangeDetect to achieve the desired effects.

We hope you take this advise as we intended it.

Straight, honest and to the point.

Always in your service,

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Write a Review – Free Upgrade to ChangeDetect Plus

time for review

Like ChangeDetect?

Want to upgrade to ChangeDetect Plus for FREE?

Simply write about your experiences using ChangeDetect and share your review with others…

Contact us with your review

  • Write a review and post it on a forum recommending ChangeDetect as a web page monitoring service.
  • You can even write and publish a blog entry about using ChangeDetect.

In either case, you may be eligible for a FREE upgrade to ChangeDetect Plus!

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Write a review about ChangeDetect and post it on the web for others to see. You can post it to a relevant forum recommending ChangeDetect as a web page monitoring service. Or you can create a blog entry about using ChangeDetect for monitoring web page content for changes.
  2. Contact us with the URL (or web address) to where you have posted your review, forum post or blog entry. Your review must include a link to the ChangeDetect website – http://www.changedetect.com/
  3. After checking your review, post or blog entry, our sales team will upgrade your account to ChangeDetect Professional. Yours FREE for 3 months. Submit three quality reviews on different websites and qualify to receive 12 months absolutely FREE…

It is really that simple!

Note: Make sure your review, forum post or blog entry is placed on a relevant, well-visited web site. Your review, forum post or blog entry must be seen using a web browser. The ChangeDetect sales team is the sole judge as to whether your review qualifies your account for upgrade. ChangeDetect may use parts of your review, post or blog entry as part of it’s marketing.

Hurry! This is a LIMITED time offer…

Contact us with your review

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Follow ChangeDetect for Twitter Discount

50 percent off starDo you want a 50% discount when subscribing to ChangeDetect?

Follow @ChangeDetect on Twitter and then tweet any one of the following:

We will send a discount code to you that is good for 50% off your first month’s subscription.


  1. You are welcome to tweet about ChangeDetect on your own, but the discount is only valid for our monthly recurring membership plans.
  2. Existing monthly recurring plan subscribers may also participate by following @ChangeDetect on Twitter and then tweeting one of the above. We will discount your next payment automatically.
  3. Only one discount per ChangeDetect account holder.
  4. Offer subject to be discontinued at any time, so act now.

Please contact us for more details about this special offer.

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ChangeDetect Web Page Monitoring Celebrates 10 Years of Continuous Service

San Francisco, Calif., March 30, 2012 – ChangeDetect is proud to announce its 10 year anniversary. The ChangeDetect web page monitoring service at http://www.changedetect.com/ has been in continuous operation since March 2002 and has helped thousands of users automatically monitor changes to their favorite web sites.

changedetect celebrates 10 year anniversary“Online content monitoring services have come and gone over the years. Whether you refer to the website tracking options by ChangeDetect as software as a service, an application service provider or an innovative cloud based monitoring solution, the ChangeDetect developers remain committed to quality, service and support. Having outlived a number of copy-cat service providers, ChangeDetect http://www.changedetect.com/ features color-coded highlighting of web page changes and remains the leading web page monitoring service on the Internet, reliably providing services for thousands of subscribers,” said Karen Burns, Business Development Manager.

The content monitoring solution from ChangeDetect is free to use and allows subscribers to bookmark their favorite web sites and receive automatic update notifications whenever a change to those sites are detected.

“I work in a large bank in Canada. I intend to use your service for monitoring securities filings such as bids, offers, meeting notices, annual reports, etc. – everyone will wonder how I learn of stuff so fast,” said a long-time subscriber who uses ChangeDetect extensively for bid monitoring.

With ChangeDetect, “change notices” are sent out by E-Mail and text message. ChangeDetect stands out as an innovative, completely automated cloud based service that sends the latest version of the web page with new text underlined in green and deleted text crossed out in red.

ChangeDetect is unique and especially useful for tracking changes made to websites that do not offer RSS feed technology. ChangeDetect monitors the hidden web i.e. web pages that require login credentials to access. New users with questions about the free service can visit ChangeDetect’s extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions or post a message to the ChangeDetect Helpdesk.

To review the ChangeDetect program details or to sign up for a free account, visit http://www.changedetect.com/

About ChangeDetect
ChangeDetect is the original cloud based, web page monitoring service that detects changes on your favorite websites. ChangeDetect alerts you automatically when a change is detected to one of your tracked websites. ChangeDetect is a free service that color codes text that has been added and text that has been deleted. With ChangeDetect it is easy to know what has changed and when. ChangeDetect recently celebrated 10 years of continuous service with benefits extending to thousands of subscribers per month whose common goals are to be the first to know about content changes to their favorite websites.

For more information about ChangeDetect, visit http://www.ChangeDetect.com/

# # #

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Job Alerts – Find Your Next Job Using ChangeDetect

job alertsFinally the Solution to Monitor all of Your Favorite Jobs Advertised on Company Websites or Job Boards.

In our economy today, job alerts are becoming more and more important.

Many people today are without a job and many others, even those with college degrees, are just simply trying to make ends meet by having a simple job. They end up selling themselves short of the work that they are probably capable of doing.

Find your next job using ChangeDetect

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Sales Professionals Leverage ChangeDetect Competitive Intelligence

sales professionals

Sales professionals are using ChangeDetect for competitive intelligence.

As one of the top monitoring applications used by sales professionals, ChangeDetect allows sales professionals to monitor the online price lists of rivals/competitors.

Read more about how sales professionals are using ChangeDetect for competitive intelligence

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ChangeDetect Testimonials

Read ChangeDetect testimonials.

ChangeDetect subscribers send comments to us as testimonials about our web page monitoring services.


The ChangeDetect subscriber base is worldwide with subscribers using the free and paid services for monitoring updates to a wide variety of web pages such as:

  • Personal web pages
  • Business web pages
  • competitor web pages
  • Industry web pages
  • Client web pages
  • and many other types of pages…

The ChangeDetect team would like to thank our subscribers for their valuable feedback.

Subscriber feedback helps innovate new features for ChangeDetect.

If you have feedback about the ChangeDetect web page monitoring service, feel free to contact us.

To read ChangeDetect testimonials, click here.

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