Newsletter Publishers

"We have been trying to develop a universal platform to communicate with our customers, but there have been significant problems..."

"Writing the newsletter was no problem, but getting the word out was a real hassle."

"Whenever our newsletter was sent out, we received hundreds of 'Remove' or 'Unsubscribe' requests, along with many bounced email addresses... and complaints!"

"Even with free newsletter services like Bravenet, distributing our newsletter was just too much work."

"Now by using the ChangeDetect 'monitor this page' form we are able to publish our newsletter easily... once to our website."

"ChangeDetect pushes our company news to our subscribers without our staff having to send out all the emails.  No more 'unsubscribe' requests and no more spam complaints..."

"ChangeDetect is great.  Thanks!" -- newsletter publisher

Many newsletter publishers have big lists of opt-in email subscribers who sign up to receive periodic newsletter mailings.

However the problem with publishing a newsletter or e-zine is that the email distribution chore grows as the list grows.  Having to email thousands or hundreds of thousands of newsletters every month is cheaper than snail-mail, but is still very expensive and time consuming.

Some newsletter owners now have chosen to simply publish their online newsletter to their website and then use ChangeDetect to notify the opt-in subscription base of the update.  The subscribers are sent an email when the newsletter's webpage changes.  Then with one click subscribers read the newsletter on the publisher's website.

Everyone knows that HTML is much "prettier" than plain text.  And newsletter publishers that publish their content online find it much easier to deal with only their website which turns out to be a single, convenient distribution point and a controllable format. 

Capitalizing on the website distribution solution is much better than the prospect of having to deal with the scores of email software programs that block or slow down message delivery and/or corrupt newsletter content with markup problems and security issues.

Publishing a newsletter online and then adding the ChangeDetect "monitor this page button" to the newsletter webpage saves publishers a lot of time -- each and every month.

Including an explanation of the ChangeDetect distribution option in the newsletter content as an article explains to newsletter subscribers  just how easy it is to use ChangeDetect.

Set up a ChangeDetect monitor this page form now.  Or read more about how to convert existing newsletter subscribers.

Read tips about how to bypass spam filters for newsletter distribution.

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