Monitoring Newsletter Releases

This continues the discussion about the ChangeDetect page monitoring benefits for newsletter publishers.

The following dialog was adapted from an actual support ticket and is a frequent question asked by newsletter publishers:


I love the idea of using ChangeDetect to monitor an on-line newsletter. Is there a way to do a bulk add of email addresses from my current newsletter email list?


We would love to do this, but we are an opt-in only web page monitoring service.  So we have to let the subscriber take the actions necessary to set up web page monitoring.

However as a newsletter publisher, you should not worry about the conversation rate, because the majority of your newsletter subscribers will indeed set up web page monitors for your online newsletter or e-zine.  This is because the ChangeDetect concept is better than distributing and receiving newsletters by email.

The conversion process you might follow goes something like this:

  1. Initially, do not make ChangeDetect mandatory.  You introduce ChangeDetect as an option or alternative to receiving emailed newsletters.
  2. Start slowly by posting the ChangeDetect form/button on your newsletter's "back issues" index page.
  3. Announce the ChangeDetect option in the next few issues of your newsletter.
  4. Use ChangeDetect to automatically track and count subscribers to your newsletter index page.
  5. When you determine that a lot of subscribers are indeed using ChangeDetect to monitor your newsletter back issues, post a new article in your newsletter announcing that the current issue will be the final emailed issue.  All future newsletter issues will be published online using ChangeDetect for notification services.
  6. This is the point at which you make newsletter monitoring mandatory.  Subscribers will monitor new issues of your newsletter either manually or automatically with ChangeDetect.
  7. Break out the champagne.  You have now saved all of the time and money you now spend every month sending out your newsletter by email! ;)


Set up a ChangeDetect monitor this page form now.


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