Bypass Spam Filters for Newsletter Distribution

Many double opt-in newsletter publishers report having trouble with the increasingly restrictive spam filtering of major ISPs such as AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Recent tests on AOL report that AOL blocks 95% of all newsletters.  If you do not believe this statistic then create an free AOL email account and then send yourself your newsletter.  The results will surprise you.

The specific reasons for all of the email blocking are only known to AOL. The problem for you, as newsletter publisher, is that if you can not find a way around AOL spam filters, then you will have to contact AOL every time you send out a newsletter and are blocked.

Some of the reasons reported however have been that major ISPs analyze content and flag your newsletter as duplicate content and as a result your newsletter "must" be spam.  This brute-force approach to the spam problem does not take into account the very real possibility that you operate your newsletter ethically and have followed all of the double opt-in procedures for signing up newsletter subscribers.

Other problems can occur when short-sighted subscribers who use a major free email service like Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo decide that they no longer want to receive your newsletter.  

Instead of simply clicking the unsubscribe link found in your newsletter content, they decide to mark your newsletter as "spam".

If the free email provider receives enough of these "votes" against your newsletter, then guess what?  Your newsletter gets blocked for each and every newsletter subscriber who receive their email on Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo servers.

To avoid all of these delivery problems, many newsletter owners now have chosen to simply publish their online newsletter to their website and then use ChangeDetect to notify the opt-in subscription base of the update.  The subscribers are sent an email when your newsletter's web page changes.  Then with one click subscribers read the newsletter on your website.

While ChangeDetect is not completely immune to the "spam" filtering of free email service providers, the ChangeDetect notification has a much better chance of making it past the filters.

This is because ChangeDetect customizes the email content for each user and has arranged with the free email service providers to keep ChangeDetect off the spam filter lists.

How to get started?

Publish your newsletter online and then add the ChangeDetect "monitor this page button" to the newsletter web page and save yourself the hassle of publishing your newsletter each and every month.

Include an explanation of the ChangeDetect distribution option in your newsletter content as an article.  Explain to your subscribers just how easy it is to use ChangeDetect.

Set up a ChangeDetect monitor this page form now.  Or read more about how to convert existing newsletter subscribers.

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