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Message boards and online forums provide many web users with a sense of "community".

Some very popular message boards receive hundreds of new posts a day.

Other message boards receive significantly less traffic.

Some of these not-so-high-traffic message boards tend to attract a very loyal subscriber base.  This is especially true when the forum theme is targeted and the quality of postings is high.

Many problems have been solved from answers posted in response to questions asked on low traffic, but nevertheless, well-regarded message boards.

These specialized, but not-so-high-traffic message boards are very often the best place to ask a question.  In many cases, posters receive excellent answers by recognized experts in the field.

However the wait for a response can be lengthy.  And having to check back every day is time-consuming.

When the answer is worth the wait, automated web page monitoring from ChangeDetect is the best solution.

With ChangeDetect, online message board subscribers get notified when a discussion forum topic changes.

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