Reduce Website Bandwidth



Reduce Website Bandwidth

Page monitoring services like ChangeDetect are popular. However the use of multiple page monitoring services by your website"s users increases bandwidth utilization for your website.

If you are subject to bandwidth limits imposed by your web host, then page monitoring bandwidth "hogging" could be a big problem that can cost you serious money.   This is because some page monitoring services download content from your website over and over again.  These redundant and unnecessary downloads slow down your server for real users on your website.

Introducing Bandwidth Friendly Page Monitoring from ChangeDetect

Webmasters reduce bandwidth usage for page monitoring requests by consolidating all page monitoring requests through ChangeDetect. This is a FREE service and consolidating page monitoring requests through ChangeDetect is bandwidth-friendly because:

  1. Consolidation eliminates redundant page monitoring requests initiated by web users who subscribe to multiple services from different companies.
  2. You, as webmaster, choose ChangeDetect which is an intelligent, well designed page monitor.  ChangeDetect does not increase bandwidth usage, because ChangeDetect bundles page monitoring requests for the same page into only one request.
  3. With ChangeDetect, your webpage will not be downloaded over and over again in a single day.

ChangeDetect Once a Day

The ChangeDetect automated page monitor tool is a "good bot" (robot). No matter how many users monitor a single page on your website, your web server opens only one session per page. ChangeDetect runs only once a day (basic service) to monitor the page. Review the detailed example.

You can even receive a webpage statistics report of which of your web pages are being monitoring and by how many users.

Get Started Now

ChangeDetect is a FREE service.

To use ChangeDetect on a web page that you want to offer to your users for page monitoring, all you have to do is include the following HTML code on your page:

The above code will looking something like this on your web page:

magnify Monitor this page
Web Page Monitoring
by ChangeDetect

Be sure to replace the "*** insert webpage here ***" placeholder with the real webpage name for example, "".

Terms of Use

The "monitor this page" service from ChangeDetect is absolutely free. However the "by ChangeDetect" text and link is required.  If you do not maintain the required text and link to ChangeDetect, your use of the "monitor this form" feature will be disabled.

Once again, be certain to reference ChangeDetect with the "by ChangeDetect" wording with a link. This is to highlight the fact that ChangeDetect is a third-party service and will prevent your visitors from mistakenly contacting us regarding your website business.

We are flexible in allowing you to customize the "monitor this page" form to match the look and feel of your website.

Avoid false alarms sent to your website visitors

Avoid false alarms. If your web page contains active content i.e. hit counters or today's date be sure to embed the ChangeDetect keep tags or ignore tags into your html and be sure to test your web pages with the ChangeDetect URL test tool.

More Information

Review the live example.

More information is available for advanced webmasters.