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Error Handling with ChangeDetect

ChangeDetect enhances error handling and personalization settings for advanced web page monitoring services.

The ChangeDetect advanced web page monitoring system is based on a proprietary self-healing architecture design.

Like no other tracking solution, ChangeDetect adapts to hundreds of internet connectivity and content availability conditions including the most common errors such as:

Automated error handling comes standard with all ChangeDetect accounts and is installed to guarantee that every ChangeDetect user receives uninterrupted and trouble-free web page monitoring services.

Advanced Error Handling

For advanced users who require more control over error handling, ChangeDetect now offers the "errors ignore" and "errors only" personalization settings.

Errors Ignore

In "errors ignore" mode, ChangeDetect does not detect or report errors. Only content changes are considered.

If a monitored web page generates an error when the "errors ignore" setting is enabled, then no e-mail notification is triggered.

Errors Only

In the "errors only" mode, ChangeDetect does not detect or report content changes. Only errors are considered.

If the content for a monitored web page changes but the page does not generate an error, then no e-mail notification is triggered.

Get Started Today

Advanced error handling options are available for ChangeDetect "Plus" web page monitoring plan subscribers and above.

ChangeDetect users log into the member control panel and click the modify button for a previously created urlminder.

Then from the modify form, ChangeDetect users select "errors only" or "errors ignore".

If you have questions about error handling when monitoring web pages for changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on April 24, 2004