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Monitoring Password Protected Web Pages for Changes

ChangeDetect Releases Web Page Monitoring Tools to Automatically Monitor Virtually Any Web-Enabled Content for Changes.

ChangeDetect now supports HTTP Basic Authentication, HTML forms-based security and custom cookies settings.

Password protected content is typically of very high value to web surfers. Web users very often demand timely notification of content changes for all web page monitoring targets regardless of password protection.

Unlike ChangeDetect, most web page monitoring services can not successfully track changes to password protected content. And until now there has never been a web page monitoring tool that can access password protected content like ChangeDetect.

HTTP Basic Authentication

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Basic Authentication is a simple challenge-response authentication mechanism that requires both a username and password.

HTTP Basic Authentication is evident when the user is prompted with a browser-specific, popup window that requests the entry of username and password credentials.

HTML Forms-based Security

ChangeDetect offers even more than just change monitoring for web pages protected by HTTP Basic Authentication.

ChangeDetect also tracks changes to web pages protected by Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) forms-based security.

HTML forms based security uses the HTTP POST operation to submit form results to a login page.

Forms based security is a very popular approach to user authentication because it is not only quick and easy to implement, but very user friendly.

Custom Cookies Settings

In addition to HTTP Basic Authentication and HTML forms based security, ChangeDetect now also tracks changes to web content only accessible when passing custom cookie values.

Other URL tracking services may be able to detect changes to content protected by basic-auth. However only ChangeDetect monitors changes to content behind HTTP Basic Authentication, content generated by HTML form results and content only accessible via custom cookie settings.

Get Started Today

Change monitoring for password protected web pages is an advanced feature and is available for ChangeDetect "Plus" web page monitoring plan subscribers and above.

ChangeDetect users log into the member control panel and click the modify button for a previously created urlminder.

Then from the modify form, ChangeDetect users enter username/password fields, HTML forms variables or cookies data.

If you have questions about minding changes to password protected web content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on March 30, 2004