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HTTPS web page content monitoring by ChangeDetect

ChangeDetect now monitors content updates for web pages that require HTTPS (https://) connections.

In addition to web page monitoring support for the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), ChangeDetect now also supports HTTPS secure connections.

This means that ChangeDetect members may now monitor, not only web pages starting with "http://", but also web pages that begin with "https://".

As web commerce continues to grow, the use of the HTTPS protocol for secure online connections has increased as well.

Advanced web users demand automated monitoring for all web content. And for change tracking purposes, these users do not necessarily want to be required to distinguish between normal HTTP web content and that content which requires connections through the HTTPS protocol.

In light of these requirements, ChangeDetect now supports secure, SSL connections while at the same time expanding the reach of web page monitoring capabilities.

HTTPS web page monitoring is available for ChangeDetect "Plus" web page monitoring plan subscribers and above.

If you have questions about monitoring HTTPS web content, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on February 24, 2004