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Member Control Panel Upgrade

The ChangeDetect member control panel has been enhanced with user interface improvements.

Most of the changes to the control panel are subtle and deliver improvements for navigating a large number of web page monitors.

Now ChangeDetect power users will be able to more effectively browse large record sets of web page monitors.

The ChangeDetect control panel does a better job of "remembering" your search results. After invoking web page monitor actions, you will now be automatically and safely returned to your previous search results.

In support of the navigation improvements, we have also added information about the current record set being browsed. You will now see, for example, "Records 21 To 30 of 487" on the control panel. Never again will you have to wonder where you are currently located in the record set.

In addition, we have added a new category called "[system] Errors" in order to allow you to display those web pages that have had download errors during the last change detection cycle.

Some of these user interface changes are long overdue, so we are pleased to have finally implemented them. Our goal with ChangeDetect is to provide customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

If you have any questions about these improvements to the ChangeDetect member control panel or any other questions regarding the user interface, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ChangeDetect Staff

Published on December 9, 2003