News : Personalized Change Notifications by Email Now with Detailed Subject Lines



Personalized Change Notifications by Email Now with Detailed Subject Lines

ChangeDetect Pro members save time with personalized change notifications.

ChangeDetect now sends personalized change notifications with a reference to the changed web page in the subject line of the email.

A saavy ChangeDetect user contacted our support department today and requested that we include more details in the email subject line for change notifications.

The default subject line for change notifications is as follows:

ChangeDetect: Monitored web page has changed
However with the new feature, the email subject line includes the web page title like in the following example:
ChangeDetect: "my web page" has changed
The "my web page" text is a sample web page title created in the ChangeDetect control panel.

Note that this detailed subject line feature is only available to ChangeDetect Pro members who have defined a web page title.

Having the web page title in the subject line of the email saves time for ChangeDetect Pro members, because they can now quickly scan the subject line and choose to delete emails without opening and reading. If many web pages are monitored, then the time saved increases significantly.

ChangeDetect free service users will continue to receive the default subject line for their change notifications.

Suggestions Welcomed

Here at ChangeDetect, we know a good idea when we see it. And most of the best ideas come from our users.

If you too have an idea for improving ChangeDetect, please contact us. We promise to give your idea serious consideration.

ChangeDetect Staff

Published on October 27, 2003