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ChangeDetect Delivers Search Feature

ChangeDetect delivers a useful service management feature for record searching from the Member Control Panel.

ChangeDetect Pro members who monitor a large number of web pages with ChangeDetect are now able to more easily find records in the member control panel.

Once found, these records can be quickly personalized or upgraded with advanced web page monitoring features.

To search monitors, ChangeDetect Pro members simply enter a keyword or phrase on the "Search Monitors" form.

This "full text search" returns web page monitors containing exactly the word or phrase entered.

The fields checked are as follows:

The "Search Monitors" form is accessible from the "Service Management" menu of the control panel. Fewer than ten characters are typically all that are required to successfully narrow the list of records presented and reveal the web page monitor of interest.

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact us.

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on October 17, 2003