News : Username and Password Change Feature Now Available



Username and Password Change Feature Now Available

ChangeDetect members can now change their username and passwords from the control panel.

ChangeDetect members can now modify their username and passwords from the control panel.

The two new options are located under the "Account Management" menu and are named "Modify Username" and "Modify Password".

Modify Username

The "Modify Username" feature allows members to enter a new email address to be used both as a login id and the delivery address for web page change notifications.

To modify a username, members must follow a three step process. Step one is to enter the new email address. Then step two is to retrieve a "confirmation code". And step three is to enter the confirmation code into the confirmation form.

From then on, all logins are with the new username/email address. And all web page change notifications are sent to the new email address.

Modify Password

The "Modify Password" feature allows for the use of an easier to remember password than the password generated by the system during registration.

Members are encouraged to pick a password that is at least eight characters long and is comprised of both letters and numbers.

In addition members are asked to regularly change their password every few months or more frequently if they suspect their password has been compromised.

ChangeDetect also maintains a password recovery feature in the event a password is lost or forgotten.

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on June 1, 2003