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Upcoming Registration Requirements

Registration will soon be required for all ChangeDetect services.

ChangeDetect management is still committed to offering free web page monitoring services.

However due to abuse of the ChangeDetect free service offering, registration and login accounts will soon be required for all services including the ChangeDetect free service.

Many of the technical changes are already in place and will be completed in the next few days.

Having to register for ChangeDetect with valid account information may not be entirely welcomed news for some of our users. However this approach seems to be the only way to deal with those individuals who are trying to circumvent the twenty web page monitor limit for free users.

Most ChangeDetect users have already signed up because registration only takes a few moments and also because ChangeDetect developers have eliminated future inconveniences with last week's announcement about one-click web page monitoring services.

Register now with ChangeDetect... it's free.

ChangeDetect Staff

Published on April 1, 2003