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One-Click Web Page Monitoring™ from ChangeDetect

Now ChangeDetect Pro members can add ChangeDetect to their browser's toolbar and create web page monitors with one-click!

The ChangeDetect "shortcut" is a small utility script that ChangeDetect Pro members can save as a bookmark in their Favorites menu or add to their browser's toolbar.

The ChangeDetect shortcut enables members to create ChangeDetect monitors with one-click from any web page on the internet!

No need to login to ChangeDetect to setup web page monitoring. In fact, now members do not even have to visit the ChangeDetect website at all. Just surf the web as you normally do and click the convenient shortcut when you find a good one... Your favorite web pages are saved as you go.

The ChangeDetect shortcut feature is available to ChangeDetect Pro members. If you already have an account, login to your control panel and click "Create Shortcut" to get started.

Instructions for how to add ChangeDetect to your browser's toolbar for one-click web page monitoring™ is now online for your review.

If you are not yet a member, sign up now for the ChangeDetect Pro free trial. You too will be able to create web page monitors with just one-click.

ChangeDetect Staff

Published on March 27, 2003