News : Highlighted web page content changes now delivered to your email inbox!



Highlighted web page content changes now delivered to your email inbox!

ChangeDetect expands web page monitoring services with a popular "What's Changed?" feature.

Responding to user requests for more intelligent web page change notification features, ChangeDetect releases a "What's Changed?" feature.

Previously, ChangeDetect only reported that a web page had changed. Basically a true or false event notification. The task of determining what web page content actually changed was left as an exercise for the user. And sifting through web pages trying to figure out what changed consumed a lot of time.

Now when a web page changes, ChangeDetect sends the actual web page content in an email message. Included in the emailed change notification are color-coded highlights of what has actually changed!

In addition to the changed content highlights, the web page change notification from ChangeDetect now references the web page title, description and includes prominent links back to the monitored web page.

With easy to read highlights of web page content changes, ChangeDetect Pro members no longer have to spend precious time scanning web pages trying figure out what content has changed!

ChangeDetect calls this "what's changed?" feature, the ChangeDetect Difference or "cd-diff".

How does it work?

In order to experience the ChangeDetect Difference, sign up for ChangeDetect Pro membership. Set up a web page monitor and then modify the "cd-diff" setting to "True".

From that point on, web page content changes, including color-coded highlights, will be emailed to your inbox.

The ChangeDetect Difference sets ChangeDetect apart from the "notification only" web page monitoring services. ChangeDetect now leads the field in highlighted web page content monitoring and our developers are working to enhance ChangeDetect services even further.

See an example of this spectacular feature in action.

How do I monitor my favorite webpages?

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ChangeDetect Staff

Published on February 24, 2003