Frequent Questions : Can ChangeDetect monitor .pdf documents?



Can ChangeDetect monitor .pdf documents?


Portable Document Format (PDF) files are non-standard web documents. However with ChangeDetect you can monitor PDF documents.

PDF documents are coded in a proprietary data format controlled by their software publisher.

Change monitoring for PDF documents is an advanced feature and is available for ChangeDetect "Professional" web page monitoring plan subscribers and above.

If you do not currently maintain a ChangeDetect Professional membership, then you may have a few additional options to setup monitoring for PDF documents.

Option 1 - Indirect Web Page Monitoring

The first way is to indirectly monitor the PDF document by monitoring the index page which contains the listing of all of the PDF documents in the catalog.

But this requires a well designed website.

If the site is not designed with a nice index (in a standard web language like HTML) then you will have to contact the site's webmaster and ask that he create one.

Then you and other users will be able to successfully monitor the index page.

Option 2 - ChangeDetect Monitor this Page form

The second approach also involves the site's webmaster.  You can contact the webmaster and ask him to add the ChangeDetect "monitor this page" form to his website.

The obvious advantage of this approach is that the technical complexity for PDF document monitoring resides with the site's webmaster.

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