Frequent Questions : How do I allow ChangeDetect entry into my IP restricted directories?



How do I allow ChangeDetect entry into my IP restricted directories?

We currently have a dedicated IP address for our web page monitoring script and it has not changed for some time.

However we would like maximum flexibility to change our IP address when needed as there are legitimate and ongoing reasons to do so.

As such, your allowing or denying ChangeDetect access to your website by IP address is not an ideal security method from our perspective. However we understand how you work and can offer a few alternatives.

ChangeDetect clearly identifies itself with a unique browser tag.

Your first alternative is to monitor the web page listing the ChangeDetect IP address. And then if in the future we change our IP address, you will be notified immediately.

Your better alternative is to instead check browser tag only. If your site visitor is the ChangeDetect bot and is using the proper browser tag, then allow entry.

For additional security, check the browser tag and the IP address, but do not block a ChangeDetect browser tag with an unfamiliar IP address unless you investigate.

If the browser tag matches ChangeDetect, then allow entry. And in this case if the IP address does not also match, then still allow entry but log the IP address for manual review (in this case, we may have changed our IP address).

Using the browser tag is the best method to avoid any costly web page monitoring errors.

The only other alternative we can think of is your starting and maintaining a mailing list. And there are significant costs associated with that option.

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