Frequent Questions : How do I monitor web pages on my intranet or behind a firewall?



How do I monitor web pages on my intranet or behind a firewall?

We now offer ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions which allows you to monitor the web and intranet content from behind a corporate firewall.

Less elegant and somewhat effective alternatives involve selective publication of content and the use of the ChangeDetect browser tag.

Before we developed ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions, these are the methods that we recommended to our users who wanted to monitor fire-walled content:

We do not know your exact configuration, but we have users who successfully monitor web pages on their intranet. Firewall configuration is required and would be based on the ChangeDetect browser tag.

If for some reason, this option does not work, consider publishing the titles of the key web pages to the internet. And then automatically or manually update this index page when the underlying documents change. Then your users can use ChangeDetect to monitor the index page on the internet and click through securely to the actual pages in the intranet.

The only other alternative we can think of is your starting and maintaining an internal mailing list. And depending on the number of users, there are significant costs associated with that option.

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