Frequent Questions : What are the file size limits on web pages acceptable for monitoring?



What are the file size limits on web pages acceptable for monitoring?

None. Zilch. Nada.

ChangeDetect monitors any web-enabled content for changes and notifies you the moment it changes.

The vast majority of web pages are sized anywhere between 20K bytes and 40K bytes (not including images). It is very rare for web pages to be larger than 100K bytes. As such, we consider web pages larger than 200K bytes to be large web pages.

Previously ChangeDetect rejected large web pages for monitoring, but our developers have now found a way to support web page monitoring for document contents of any size.

quote openThere are now no limits on the size of documents for web page monitoring with ChangeDetect.quote close

Keep in mind however that full support for monitoring large web pages may be limited based on your current subscription type.

How It Works

Highlighted web page monitoring (cd-diff) and other advanced web page monitoring features may not be fully supported.

When ChangeDetect detects a change to your large web page, you will be notified of the change. However it will be up to you to visit the web page and determine the type of change.

Learn more about text highlighting with cd-diff.

Note: Most web browsers offer a web page "properties" option in which the size of a web page can be determined.  For example, with Internet Explorer, the "Properties" option is available under the "File" menu. For Mozilla Firefox you can click the "Page Info" option under the "Tools" menu.

Note: File sizes are also available by viewing a web page monitor under the "Log" section of the "view monitor" option from the ChangeDetect member control panel.  Of course this only applies to existing web page monitors and represents the last known file size determined by ChangeDetect.

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