Frequent Questions : My credit card was declined - what do I do?



My credit card was declined - what do I do?

Unfortunately, there is very little ChangeDetect administrators can do about declined credit card transactions, because we do not handle our own billing.

First-time purchases

One of the most common reasons for declined credit card transactions (for first time purchases) is inconsistent or incorrect billing details.  To avoid this problem, ensure that the name and address you provide on the payment form are exactly the same as the card holder's billing name and address. 

These details are used for security checking.  Bogus or invalid data causes the transaction to be declined.

Recurring Transactions

For recurring transactions, we will probably contact you about the incident. However we will be unlikely to take any action action on your behalf. In the past, we have been able to recommend that our members use another credit card and/or contact your credit card company about any of the following:

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