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News Release


Karen Burns


Sales Professionals, Employment Recruiters and Executives Monitor the Competition with ChangeDetect

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 9, 2002 ChangeDetect™, a web page monitoring service, today announced the expansion of their online service which saves users' favorite web pages, monitors content and sends an automatic email notification when a web page change is detected.

The traditional methods of keeping tabs on the competition involve product purchases or mailing list registrations. However the web is the gold mine for sleuthing on rivals.

By using a page monitoring service like ChangeDetect, sales professionals monitor the online price lists of rivals. Always prepared to counter special promotions.

Employment recruiters use ChangeDetect to monitor the "jobs" page for their accounts to learn about potential opportunities as soon as they are made available without having to visit web sites every day.

Business executives who create multiple ChangeDetect page monitors, one for each major competitive player, are able to react more quickly to their rivals new product and service announcements.

A competitive intelligence guru was recently quoted as saying, "Your business is doomed if you do not know what your competition is up to". ChangeDetect provides business people with a low maintenance, early warning system for monitoring web page content.

ChangeDetect is a FREE service. For more information, visit

About ChangeDetect

ChangeDetect™ is a free service that saves your favorite web pages, monitors content and sends an automatic email notification to you when a web page change is detected.

For more information about ChangeDetect, visit

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