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Monday, February 24, 2003     ChangeDetect    -   Features    -   Frequent Questions    -   Sample Applications    -   Testimonials   ChangeDetect Pro    -   Member Benefits    -   Control Panel   Webmaster Resources    -   Download Code    -   Reciprocal Links    -   Reduce Bandwidth    -   Webpage Statistics   Home    -   Tell A Friend    -   News (as of 2/21/03) 2/24/03)    -   Mailing List    -   Contact Us   News      Site News   February 24, 2003 Highlighted web page content changes now delivered to your email inbox! ChangeDetect expands web page monitoring services with a popular "What's Changed?" feature.   February 21, 2003 ChangeDetect Moves to a New Hosting Service Provider Website problems resolved by moving to Hostalot.   February 12, 2003 Recent Site Downtime "Growing pains" cause the ChangeDetect website to experience downtime.   February 09, 2003 ChangeDetect URL test tool released We have released the ChangeDetect URL test tool to reduce the reporting of irrelevant web page changes.   December 19, 2002 SignUp Now For ChangeDetect Pro Membership ChangeDetect is now accepting registrations for 30-day free trial memberships. Power users manage web page monitors with a web-enabled Control Panel.   December 08, 2002 Status of the ChangeDetect Membership Option Today we added navigational links to ChangeDetect Pro. The demo account is active and you can login to get a first look at the new features.   December 02, 2002 Upcoming ChangeDetect Membership Option We have received many fine comments and suggestions regarding upgrading and improving the ChangeDetect web page monitoring service.   September 09, 2002 Spy On Your Competitors Online Legally Sales Professionals, Employment Recruiters and Executives Monitor the Competition with ChangeDetect Terms of Service | Privacy Policy Copyright © ChangeDetect 2002-2003 Page Last Updated:

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