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Web Page Monitoring – How It Works

With the release of web page monitoring services, monitoring content of interest to users has never been easier.

To monitor web-enabled content for changes, all that is required is an e-mail account and a strong mindset for being the first to know about relevant changes to recently updated content.

Web page monitoring services are user-friendly with all services driven by custom user settings and subscriber preferences.

Overview: Web Page Monitoring

A vast array of content is available on the Internet.

With the assistance of top search engines like Yahoo or Google, most Web users have mastered content discovery.

On the other hand, keeping up to date with content updates is a challenge for most Internet users.

Sure there are “RSS feeds” and many web sites today offer proprietary update notification services, but not everyone wants to deal with complicated web technology such as RSS or yet another content change notification service that is specific to a particular website. Besides not every web site is deployed with an RSS feed. Furthermore most on-site content change notification services are controlled by the webmaster which means less choice for Internet users.

As such, most Internet surfers prefer a simple means to track the hidden web or sensitive content for most any web-enabled content. This is likely to be at odds with the goals of a webmaster who may not want Internet visitors to track updates to certain areas of the website he administers.

Therefore Internet users find value in centralizing web page monitoring and update notification with a single, simple third-party service.

Web Page Monitoring: How It Works

web page monitoring how it works

Keep An Eye On Your Sites Source: ChangeDetect

Safety, security and convenience built in.

There are two ways in which web page monitoring solutions are deployed.

  • Download software
  • Online web services

Of the two web page monitoring delivery approaches, online web page monitoring services are of higher value because there is nothing to download to your computer and new web page monitoring features can easily be added to the service.

Having to first download and then install software packages onto your computer is a virus risk. Most companies and many smart internet users work to avoid downloading unknown, or otherwise unproven, software onto their computers.

With online web page monitoring, Internet users also are not required to take extra steps to download software “patches” and/or install security updates. Because there is no such thing as a downloadable software patch with an online web service…

With online web page monitoring, everything executes safely on the Web as a secure Internet service.

Web Page Monitoring: Service Benefits

Top 10 reasons why you need a web page monitoring solution today!

  1. Be the first to know about important content changes to the web content that is the most relevant to your interests
  2. Automatically, monitor any web-enabled content for changes
  3. Track high value content typically obscured by password protection
  4. Monitor changes to web search and HTML forms
  5. Pass custom cookies to further unveil the hidden web to content update monitoring
  6. Avoid computer viruses and other malware because there is no software to download when you subscribe to a web service for web page monitoring
  7. Track sensitive content such as a press release, online price changes or even a competitor’s website — The best web page monitoring services track your sensitive conent confidentially and privately from anonymous third-party, proxy servers
  8. Capitalize on a state-of-the-art, self-healing system for proactive web page update tracking and notification which consistently delivers results that other web services are unable to duplicate
  9. Consult with content monitoring experts offering web page monitoring premium services
  10. Work online from anywhere…

Is Web Page Monitoring Right For You?

Web users just like you use web page monitoring services to track their favorite web-enabled content for changes.

  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Newsletter Publishers
  • Librarians and Information Researchers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Buyers
  • Message Board Subscribers
  • Job Seekers

TIP: The top web page monitoring solutions feature content changes with color coded highlights, often in red and green. Red is used for removed content while green is often used for recently added content.

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Shopping Cart Monitoring – Avoid Lost Sales When You Monitor Your Shopping Cart for Availability

Shopping cart monitoring is important in today’s online retail society because many times people do not understand the concept of an online shopping cart (which is ironic because many American consumers certainly understand what a real shopping cart feels like with plenty of objects inside the cart!).

Monitor your online shopping cart for availability with ChangeDetect.

Online retailers must be able to monitor online shopping carts because they must be aware of any potential technical issues that may arise because of shopping cart failures. These online shopping carts could cause errors for the consumer, could cause errors for the company or could cause potential litigation for everyone involved in the fracas.

One example where shopping cart monitoring could be important is at an online retail store, where many people add, remove and purchase items from a shopping cart every day. The idea of a shopping cart is that people will temporarily select items that they may have intention of buying and virtually place them in a “shopping cart”, which would the same thing as in real life placing an item off of the shelf and into your shopping cart.

By monitoring their personal online shopping cart, consumers can become aware of the potential error of adding more than one of the same item into the cart. While a company would probably like a consumer buying two of one item, the company probably will not see this happen because consumers are becoming more and more aware of shopping cart monitoring.

Instead, companies should monitor online shopping carts in order to place the correct order for a company. For example, if a customer orders one of a particular item, the company should make sure that they do not send more than one particular type of that item, otherwise the inventory level for that item will be incorrect and will cause major bookkeeping problems for the company.

Shopping cart monitoring is important because a company should keep track of their assets at all times. Finally, there is also the potential for litigation in case shopping cart monitoring is not put in place. For example, if a customer and a company disagree on the cost or amount of products that were placed in a shopping cart and there is no proof of shopping cart history due to shopping cart monitoring, then there is the potential for lost business or even potential litigation if the value inside the cart is of high value.

Shopping cart monitoring is important for every online retail business.

Sign up now free and start monitoring your shopping cart.

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Website Update Notification Review

Website update notification services routinely acquire a ’snapshot’ of a web page’s content, keep an eye on the website routinely and alert you when the page’s content is changed – typically by email.

There are times when you will need to be notified when content online has been replaced. This could be a web page, report, picture, website link or virtually any other online document. For instance, you may want to find out when selling prices change at your favorite shopping web site, when a commenter creates a new article on a discussion board or when a website changes its content.

Website Update Notification Review

This review considers various methods to this alternative and how to consider which one is best for your requirements. At minimum these types of services visit your favorite website routinely and examine its current state to that of the earlier state – generally within a time period that you stipulate – and then alert you of any changes. Such programs may also include functions showcasing the specific modifications that have been generated, the ability to disregard minor changes (such as date and time, as an example) and logging capabilities that show changes in a period of time intervals. You may also stipulate just what types of changes should lead to a e-mail notice – for example, each time a particular text is entered.

There are several methods to website update notification, each dependent on how you use the website and the factors behind tracking it. People who are continuously online may opt for an add-on or tool to their web browser that informs them while they are using the net.

Website Update Notification Services

website update notification

The website update notification service sends an e-mail or text message when it detects changes to your favorite web pages. Source: ChangeDetect

An update notification service, however, is fully automated and tracks Internet sites individually to ensure that a subscriber does not need to be online; in these cases update notifications are dispatched by other means – to a smartphone, for instance.

Website Update Notification Software

Website monitoring software is a computer application that runs these functions on the user’s computer. It typically runs in the background and does not need the user to be on-line (but does require a connection to the Internet). However running untrusted dodgy software in corporate and business environment as well as in a small business operation is not preferred due to an upswing of malware, viruses along with other problems to a user’s Information Technology environment.

The online web services approach to website monitoring is far more adaptable for the reason that it is possible to trigger notifications when updates are made to: any portion of the Internet site, chosen elements on the website or particular wording. Furthermore several of these tools then permit users to perform all measures instantly. From update detection to change notification, website update notification services tend to be the best overall value with regards to performance, speed, reliability and privacy.

ChangeDetect Review

When you need to learn about web site changes instantly, website update notification services from ChangeDetect are the best method to stay well-informed; The website update notification from ChangeDetect is wide-ranging permitting subscribers to very easily opt for the subset of capabilities that are the most effective for subscribers influenced by their website monitoring goals and their exact notification demands.

Here’s My Favorite Link:
Website Update Notification

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Terms of Service Monitoring – Monitor Your Terms of Service Agreements for Changes – Receive Change Notifications by E-mail

Terms of service monitoring is important for companies that operate websites because these business managers do not want to be held liable for any sort of punitive damage that can take place due to fraud or liability by the company.

While there are strong advantages for companies who monitor terms of service, the best examples of terms of service monitoring are likely geared toward subscribers of website services.

How It Works

Here is a reoccurring scenario outlining how it works for subscribers.

You sign up for many online services and you agree to their terms of service before proceeding to checkout or completing sign up.

However if the company changes these terms at some point in the future and the changes end up becoming adverse to your interests, then you could be held liable for events outside of your control or in some other way be placed at a disadvantage.

Case Study

One large company required a large deposit from its subscribers and had these subscribers agree to non-threatening terms of service. However at some point in the future, the company quietly added a number of one-sided clauses to their Terms of Service – all in the favor of the company. The biggest, most egregious changes allowed the company to close accounts “for any reason” with the subscriber thereafter forfeiting all deposits made previously. If you had monitored these Terms of Services for changes, you would have caught the change and been able to take corrective action against this company.

Use an automated, online tool like ChangeDetect for monitoring terms of service agreements for changes. With ChangeDetect, you will be able to expertly and efficiently manage your account relationships.

Terms of Service Monitoring – Use Cases for Companies

Many companies have legal teams in place to develop these terms of service to protect company assets from future litigation. Unfortunately, too many shady individuals in society today seek out weak terms of service in order to take advantages of weaknesses in companies – this is why terms of service monitoring is so important in the day to day operations of a company or companies.

The main weakness in terms of service monitoring is the same weakness that government also has in implementing laws – many people will try to see what they can get away with without getting caught or coming as close to the boundaries as possible.

Due to the possibility of litigation and the high costs of litigation, many companies that do have terms of service often do not pursue litigation for terms of service violators because of the high cost of legal fees. However, this should not deter a company from providing terms of service monitoring. Terms of service monitoring is also a good way for a company to provide due diligence to protect itself from future litigation in case someone tries to use the company against itself to claim a lawsuit.

Many times terms of services are used to lay out the ground rules for what is allowable in a company or allowable for a user to use a product or service. For example, many open source software titles have terms of service agreements for users to agree to, stating that they will not use the software for any commercial purposes. While a company may not be able to effectively monitor this aspect of the terms of service agreement, it is understood that terms of service agreements are created to free the company from any sort of liability that may be incurred by the company in case of destruction caused by its products.

Terms of service monitoring is crucial because companies want to make sure that the public can enjoy their product for a small or no fee without having to worry about company litigation fees and practices. While many companies spend hours on terms of service agreements and monitoring, many times this effort is small compared to the amount of hours that go into development. It is definitely smart for a company to invest time and money into terms of service monitoring.

Sign up now free.

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Job Alerts – Finally the Solution to Monitor all of Your Favorite Jobs Advertised on Company Websites or Job Boards

In our economy today, job alerts are becoming more and more important because a number of people today are without a job and many people, even those with college degrees, are just simply trying to make ends meet by having a simple job, selling themselves short of the work that they are probably capable of doing.

Find your next job using ChangeDetect. With ChangeDetect, you centralize all job alerts using one system. No longer will you have to sign-up for multiple websites or need to use different systems to monitor new job announcements or job board changes.

It is important for these families to put as much food as possible on the table for the children, however many people do understand that working with your mind often makes more money than working with your hands. It is for this reason that many people subscribe to job alerts in order to determine when their occupation has a new job opening. Job alerts can be set up online on job search websites to let someone know if their occupation has a particular job opening.

These job alerts can let someone know if a job has become available in a particular state, country, or city, so they will know if they can potentially move their family for this job.

A job alert can also have a particular query in mind so someone can be aware of the type of job that they are particularly looking for. For example, someone could search for “restaurant manager” and the query would alert the job seeker when a particular restaurant manager position would be available.

Job alerts can also be conducted in real life. Many people that are looking for jobs often visit their local unemployment offices to search for work daily. Programs exist at these offices to allow prospective workers to be contacted in case a job lines up for them, however they must temporarily take the first job available and assigned by the office. These job alerts allow for people to get back in the workplace as fast as possible and boost their family’s income production.

There also exists many temporary employment offices that can place someone legally at a job often in the same day as a walk in visit. These staffing companies always have openings and are willing to place anyone in a new job as soon as they walk in the door. Job alerts are crucial because they can get a worker back to work as fast as possible.

Due to the high unemployment rate in today’s economy, it is very competitive right now for a person to find a job, therefore it is important for each person to set up job alerts to become aware of a job as soon as it opens to the public.

Set up job alerts with ChangeDetect.

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Blog Monitoring – Monitor Your Favorite Blogs for Changes – Receive Email Notification Upon Change

There are several different motives for starting a blog.

One motive for many people is to gain attention on the Internet and to create an Internet personality for themselves. For other, they often start a blog to express their personal opinions and values in an attempt to persuade other people. Even others start blogs just to keep a personal journal of activities that are happening in their lives, such as family activities or personal diaries.

No matter the reason, however, it is important for those who are starting a blog to invest in blog monitoring strategies.

Set up a free account with ChangeDetect for blog monitoringhttp://www.changedetect.com/

One type of blog monitoring strategy that many people must considering is using tools from search engine websites to monitor the amount of traffic that is visiting a site in a particular hour, day, week, month, or year. This blog monitoring information is useful because many people will use this information for advertising purposes. If a blog owner can determine the amount of people and the type of people that are visiting their website, they can often set up relative advertisers for that site.

Another reason blog monitoring is important is to determine if there are any potential hackers that are visiting your website. There is nothing more frustrating then setting up a website and a week later finding out that your personal blog has been hacked. Many times hackers will visit a website and take over several parts of the website, such as stealing your personal information, stealing your address domain, or even adding files onto your website that can be incriminating to you if discovered by local authorities. You can use blog monitoring software to find out if your personal blog is being hacked by online predators. Furthermore, using blog monitoring tools is a way to keep yourself from being incriminated in case of a disaster striking your blog.

The most important thing you can do is protect your personal privacy on your personal blog using blog monitoring tools.

Finally, online blog monitoring tools are important to use because they can determine how many people are sharing links from your blog on other websites, such as social networking websites. In most cases, blogs have an advantage over static website deployments because most blog platforms make it very easy to extend the functionality with plugins. In a few minutes, you can add the functionality for your subscribers to share their favorite articles on another website or by e-mail with their friends, family, coworkers, or someone else important.

By using blog monitoring tools, blog owners can determine how popular their material is and how often their material is being shared with other websites on the Internet.

Sign up now with ChangeDetect for monitoring your favorite web pages for changes.

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Newsletter Benefits – Relationship Marketing Through Newsletter Publishing To Attract and Retain Customers

For many decades, the newsletter has been a powerful marketing tool for businesses seeking profits, nonprofits seeking donations and participation, and for people who just want to disseminate the information of their choice.

Newsletter Hater Here… I Hate Newsletter Publishing. Read How I Replaced My Newsletter!

Newsletters began as just that — a single page that looked like a typed letter that contained inside information about some business or industry. The first newsletters were distributed mainly by financial institutions offering advice on investing and money issues. Over the years, industries across the spectrum discovered the powerful benefits of creating a newsletter for building a customer base. Some newsletters were the money makers themselves, and still are.

One of the most common examples of this are stock market trading newsletters which offer advice on what hot stocks to buy for the best market gains. Some of these newsletters command subscription rates of hundreds to even thousands of dollar per year. But most newsletters today are a tool for what most entrepreneurs call “relationship marketing.” This is the attempt to build lasting relationships with customers to make them loyal, repeat buyers. Such newsletters offer both news, but also a lot of selling pitches and positive information about the product the newsletter creator is selling.

With the dawn of the Internet Age, newsletters quickly went electronic and millions of companies and individuals started offering “free newsletter sign-ups” on their web sites. This was basically a way to capture a customer, capture their email and contact information, and then keep them interacting with the company. It is a way to encourage people to “opt in” to get emailed information from a company that will not be considered spam by the receiver.

It must be noted that newsletters come in a wide variety of formats. As we said, the first newsletters looked a lot like a regular old-fashioned letter. But newsletter formats soon grew to many varieties, from pages of plain text, to full-blown graphically designed, multi-paged publications that looked like mini-newspapers or magazines. These latter include color photographs, headlines, fancy fonts and typestyles, and more — but they are still called “newsletters” even though they are full-blown publications of information.

The primary benefit of a newsletter is that they keep a customer interacting with the entity that is distributing them. Again, this can be for a nonprofit motive. For example, the senior citizen organization, AARP, issues a regular newsletter to all it’s members. Their goal is to serve the needs and challenges of senior citizens.

Examples of for-profit entities issuing a newsletters might be insurance companies, such as Geico, Farmers or Progressive Insurance. These companies often issue newsletters offering driver safety tips. This helps the company by making people better drivers through education, and thus reducing the amount of accidents which these companies may have to pay as part of the insurance policies they sell. Insurance companies also compete heavily with each other, and a newsletter helps keep customers loyal.

So newsletters are not only a selling and information tool, they are a competition and anti-competition strategy. If you keep a customer interacting through a newsletter, you stand a better chance of retaining that customer. There are many uses for newsletters today, and they will probably remain a favorite tools of marketers and other entities for some time to come.

Get started now with newsletter automation by ChangeDetect – http://www.changedetect.com/

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