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Website Update Notification – Leverage Online Services Rather Than Download Software for Keeping Up with Web Content Changes

Website Update Notification – Leverage Online Services Rather Than Download Software for Keeping Up with Web Content Changes

There are times when you need to be notified when content on a website has changed. This could be a web page, document, image, link or virtually any other web-enabled file. For example, you might want to know when prices change at your favorite shopping site, when someone makes a new post on a forum or when a website updates its content.

Website update notification services automatically take a ‘snapshot’ of a web page’s content, monitor the site periodically and notify you when the page’s content changes – usually by e-mail.

This article considers various approaches to this service and how to evaluate which one is best for your needs. At the very least these programs or services need to check a website periodically and compare its current state to that of the previous state – usually within a time period that you specify – and then notify any changes. Such programs can also include features such as highlighting the exact changes that were made, the ability to ignore minor changes (such as date and time, for example) and logging functions that show changes over a period of intervals. You can also specify exactly what types of changes should trigger a notification – for example, when a specific text string is entered.

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There are various approaches to website update notification, each dependent on how you use the website and the reasons for monitoring it. Users who are constantly online may prefer an add-on or plugin to their browser that notifies them while they are online.

An update notification service, however, is completely automated and monitors websites independently so that a user does not need to be online; in these cases update notifications are sent by other means — to a phone, for example.

Website monitoring software is a computer program that performs these functions on the users computer. It usually runs in the background and does not require the user to be online (but does require a connection to the Internet). Running untrusted third party software in corporate environment or even in a small business operation is not preferred given the rise of malware, viruses and other problems to a users IT environment.

The online web services approach to website monitoring is much more flexible in that you can specify notification to occur when changes are made to: any part of the website, chosen elements on the site or specific items of text. Further many of these tools then allow you to perform all actions automatically. From change detection to update notification, website update notification services tend to be the best overall value in terms of performance, speed, reliability and security.

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