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Sales Professionals

sales professionals

Timely competitive intelligence allows sales professionals to anticipate and react to market developments.

The job of educating prospects about product features and benefits is the responsibility of marketing and sales.

Providing a framework for understanding overall product value is also a marketing and sales issue.

Sales professionals know that there is more to value than mere pricing considerations.

However pricing is very often the biggest issue with customers.

In some industries, the prices of competitive products are constantly fluctuating. Products and services are often placed on sale or offered at discount.

Published prices of competitive products and services are usually very readily available. Often this information is located on a competitor’s website.

Since many customers price-shop and carefully monitor prices with ease, sales professionals must also do the same.

By using ChangeDetect, sales professionals monitor the online price lists of rivals.

With ChangeDetect, sales professionals are always prepared to counter strike and/or neutralize special offers and promotions announced by competitors.

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