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Request for Proposal (RFP) & Contract Bidders

Win Government Contracts

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  • Do you work in business development?
  • Are you trying to win lucrative government contracts from federal, state or local municipalities?

Most government agencies do a pretty good job publishing their Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Information (RFI) announcements to their website.

As a business development professional, you are probably already aware of the value-added, cottage industry which includes “know it all” middlemen.

These service providers specialize and cull hundreds, if not thousands, of RFP/RFI announcements by business category.

Adding value along the way.

Promising to deliver a filtered list of bidding opportunities.

Some are barely mediocre in their reporting of RFP opportunities. But others are fantastic, time-saving RFP monitoring services.

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Timely Responses to Government Bid Requests – First Mover Advantages

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In using some of these “one-size fits all” bidding assistance services, you may often wonder:

Is the competition paying for access to the same reports that I am receiving?

If so, then where is the fun in that?

For that matter, where exactly is the advantage?

It goes without saying that business is all about serving the customer, exploiting lucrative opportunities and developing competitive advantages.

With ready access to information by anyone with a computer, it is no wonder that the competitive landscape is so, well… competitive.

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RFP Reporting Services

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Access to real time information is near instant.

But who wants to spend their workday constantly visiting dozens or even hundreds of RFP websites?

Surely this can be outsourced?

But the problem with outsourcing is that if you use one of the “out of the box” solution providers for your industry, then you are probably not gaining any real or sustainable advantage.

The RFP announcement, once published, is like a ticking time-bomb with a hard and fast deadline.

However the more lead-time you have for RFP awareness, the better your response.

So timely RFP responses are the key…

But who wants to wait around for a third party?

And pay them for the “privilege”?

Only to receive the same report that your competitor received…

Getting paid twice, three times or more for the same report. All at your expense…

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RFP Change Tracking, Monitoring and Alerting services by ChangeDetect

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Your alternative is obvious…

Continue using the RFP reporting service for the blunt work.

Like an axe.

Then use a web page monitoring service to fill in the blanks. With web page monitoring:

  • You are in control
  • You only select and receive the exact web content that matters the most to you and your business
  • Most importantly, no sharing with competitors is required or allowed

Now you have an axe and a scalpel.

With web page monitoring, select the RFP content that you want to track.

You are alerted when new bidding opportunities are available.

Simple and done.

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Why ChangeDetect


ChangeDetect is the free web page monitoring service that is used by business development professionals for RFP monitoring and RFP discovery and awareness.

There is no middle man. So you will not have to wait days or even weeks for a third party to prepare a report.

And best of all, you can keep your hidden sources or favorite RFP opportunity sources to yourself.

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Competitive Intelligence

Sure the middle man, industry specialists will offer to add your sources to their repertoire of regular reports. But by turning over your data, you are essentially sharing your best RFP sources with competitors. Since all data sources are included in the shared report, your best RFP data sources will get picked up and included in the reports that are sent to your bidding competitors.

Speaking of competitors, you can also use ChangeDetect to keep tabs on the competition. Using ChangeDetect to monitor competitor websites and industry activities is just as easy.

All you have to do is enter their website URL into ChangeDetect and the target web content will be scheduled for monitoring.

Some of the top business development professionals in your industry are also quietly using ChangeDetect to monitor information about government procurement officers and staff members.

Of course you know that winning government contracts is also about relationships? More on this later…

For now, Sign Up Now FREE to use ChangeDetect intelligence and timeliness to expand your government business.

Here is a small sampling of lucrative government contracting opportunities that you can monitor with ChangeDetect:

  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Construction Supplies & Services
  • Document Management
  • Education Products & Services
  • Energy
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Food & Food Services
  • Healthcare & Medical Equipment
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Software & Services
  • Information Systems Consulting
  • Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Professional Services
  • Public Safety
  • Roadway Supplies & Equipment
  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

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