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Librarians, Information Researchers

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Some of the best technology reviews for ChangeDetect have been authored by librarians and information researchers.

It is no wonder that librarians and information researchers fully understand and embrace online content monitoring through automated tools.

When it is your job to successfully navigate the many online storehouses of information knowledge, you quickly learn the inner workings of the web’s “power tools”.

Information discovery tools such as search engines are the best known power tools for effective web research.

However once you are aware of an online information store, you need to monitor the content for changes. Repeatedly visiting an informative web page is sometimes effective if the number of web pages to monitor is low and with regularly scheduled changes.

However for true current awareness, power searchers such as librarians and information researchers leverage the advanced content monitoring solutions offered by ChangeDetect.

ChangeDetect current awareness works hand in hand with powerful information discovery tools such as search engines.

Many librarians and information researchers are already using ChangeDetect for current awareness.

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