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Silent mode

ChangeDetect notification is programmed with intelligence.

All web page changes are filtered so that you only receive notification of relevant changes.

Unlike other web page change notification systems, ChangeDetect provides timely notification by only sending relevant changes to your email inbox.

Every little change on a tracked web page does not rate a notification. For this reason, each url-minder is provided with the “silent” option.


If you prefer the convenience of the ChangeDetect control panel and would like to opt out of the email alert service, then you can set all urlminders or any individual urlminder to “silent”.

The silent setting suppresses any and all changed web page email alerts.

With the silent option, a full web page change history is still visible from the ChangeDetect control panel.

Nothing could be simpler.

The detection of relevant changes to web pages in your urlminder list triggers immediate notification to your email, pager, ICQ or text messaging device.

ChangeDetect is uniquely configurable to your needs.

With ChangeDetect, you will never again miss an important change to a watched web page.

And you do not have to trade control for a barrage of meaningless or unimportant notifications. With ChangeDetect you receive timely notifications for web page changes, filtered first by relevancy.

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