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Regular expressions for power filtering

regular expressions

Advanced web page monitoring filters are defined with ChangeDetect using keyword/phrase matching and exclusion criteria.

ChangeDetect now also supports the most powerful filtering available i.e. regular expressions.

Regular expressions (regex) are an advanced filtering tool used by very experienced (programmer-level) users to process and parse text.

The power of regular expressions stems from predefined operators (also called meta-characters) that express filtering criteria and search patterns in a very short space.

Regular Expressions – the last word in filtering

Regular expressions are the most powerful filtering tool available for the presentation of change monitored result sets.

With powerful regex filtering tools, ChangeDetect members perform the following:

  • Detect changes to online content based on Boolean search criteria
  • Complete simple or complex mathematical checks prior to presenting data
  • Monitor changes to HTML code

For more assistance with filtering change monitored result sets, be sure to contact the ChangeDetect managed services group.

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