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HTTP authentication with autologin

password protected

Basic supply and demand principles dictate that, the less common something is or the more that people want it, the higher its price.

Password protected content is typically secured to limit access.

Significant efforts were probably invested during development.

The end result is unique content of high value.

High value, unique content is made available to end users who are willing to pay a premium for access.

Access may then be controlled through secure user IDs and passwords.

When it comes to monitoring high value content for changes, web users invariably encounter the roadblocks of username and password screens that are in place to guard access.

However with ChangeDetect, these roadblocks are a thing of the past, because ChangeDetect members track web page content changes irregardless of password protection.

Once supplied with the target web page login credentials including username and password, ChangeDetect consistently and reliably tracks changes to all high value content even web pages protected by HTTP authentication.

How it Works

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Basic Authentication is a simple challenge-response authentication mechanism that requires both a username and password.

HTTP Basic Authentication is typically triggered by a server request for secure content.

In this case, the server sends a message to the client browser and the client browser forwards the request as an alert to the user.

The user is then prompted with a browser-specific, popup window that requests the entry of username and password credentials.

If the client browser does not respond to the server with the proper credentials then the server issues a 401 (unauthorized) response error message. In this case, access to the secure content is denied.

With ChangeDetect, members successfully track high value content without HTTP access restrictions.

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