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Highlighted web page content changes

color coding

Color attracts the eye like a magnet.

ChangeDetect improves user performance and system ease-of-use by delivering highlighted content changes directly to your e-mail inbox.

ChangeDetect marks web page text for you with color-coded highlights of what has actually changed.

  • Red highlights indicate removed content
  • Green highlights indicate newly added content

With the ChangeDetect highlighting feature you know exactly what content has changed on your watched web pages.

And from the highlights you can very quickly and easily determine your interest in the web page content changes.

If you discover that the changed web content is relevant to your interests, then you simply click the URL included in the e-mailed change notification to visit the web page.

On the other hand, if you determine that the change is irrelevant or insignificant, then you can simply ignore the message. In which case ChangeDetect saves you the time consuming task involved in loading your web browser and reviewing the changes online.

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