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Form results change tracking

form results

Best practices for online competitive intelligence and monitoring have progressed as the Internet continues to evolve.

While the usefulness of static web content has increased moderately, the availability of interesting, dynamically generated content has exploded.

Dynamically-generated content proliferates in large part due to the ability to easily manage gigantic information stores and present the data in a uniform, consistent manner.

The benefits of dynamic content are plentiful, but the some of the biggest benefits of dynamic content are the significant savings in development and maintenance costs.

Publishing dynamic content content online begins and ends with combining powerful database technologies with, for example, one or more of the following server-side web technologies:

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Cold Fusion

How it Works

Monitoring static web pages is a trivial matter for most run-of-the-mill (shareware and freeware) change monitoring tools.

Competitive intelligence professionals demand advanced change monitoring solutions for not only static web pages, but also dynamically-generated content derived from online databases.

Tracking dynamic content for changes with ChangeDetect is made easy with “memorized” form submissions — pre-populated with the desired form input.

ChangeDetect form input is template-driven based almost entirely on a unique key-value pair model.

Any organization with a ChangeDetect membership need only minimally-trained human resources in order to

  1. Setup up urlminders;
  2. Capture form input; and
  3. Configure the corresponding notification settings

ChangeDetect is the economical, self-service web page monitoring solution allowing members to supply custom form variables for scheduled submission and change tracking.

For particularly complex jobs, ChangeDetect members may request custom template creation.

With a custom template, members replay memorized form input for monitoring changes to virtually any dynamically generated content.

For more assistance with minding changes to form results or for help with custom jobs, contact the ChangeDetect managed services group.

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