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Track any web-enabled content for changes, automatically

Not all web page monitoring services are created equal.

ChangeDetect provides powerful tools for reliably monitoring any web-enabled content for changes regardless of file format or protocol accessibility.

When evaluating web page monitoring solutions, two very important questions to ask the provider are as follows:

  1. What file extensions are supported?
  2. What access protocols are supported?
  3. What character sets are supported?

File extensions

In the “game of inches”, every little detail counts.

Unlike ChangeDetect, many of the less popular, less feature-rich, web page monitoring services fall far short at comprehensively monitoring even the most common file extensions for changes.

ChangeDetect and ChangeDetect Enterprise are pre-configured for automatically monitoring all standard file extensions. This includes virtually any and all documents, dynamically-generated scripts and image file types.

In the past, the ChangeDetect development team has even been asked to monitor changes to database files, domain name registrations and executable files.

To date, ChangeDetect developers have not yet encountered an internet accessible file format that can not be successfully update monitored by the ChangeDetect system.

Review the ChangeDetect full range of supported file extensions.


Access to the most interesting web content is not limited to just one protocol.

Granted that most content of interest is now widely available through the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), with the increased emphasis on electronic security, more and more web content is now behind the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Conversely, while the number of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data stores have not grown as fast as the web, FTP repositories continue to represent a very large source of valuable content.

ChangeDetect successfully tracks changes for content housed at locations accessible by HTTP, HTTP/S and FTP.

In addition, the ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions group offers the ChangeDetect Licensed Server which runs on a corporate network.

Now track not only internet accessible content, but also intranet-accessible content residing on a corporate network.

Character Sets

Even though it would be convenient if everyone spoke one global language, the truth is that many people do not speak English as their first language. And now with rapid changes brought on by globalization, an increasingly smaller percentage of online users will converse in English.

For anyone who has travelled internationally, it is no surprise that a great number of the citizens of the emerging economies do not even want to speak English or even feel the need to learn the language.

So it is no surprise that an growing percentage of interesting and valuable online content is non-English. And this content is of high value to creative marketers, competitive intelligence professionals, attorneys, researchers and others.

ChangeDetect has accomlished the incredible feat of enabling monitoring of content encoded in any character set. This means that ChangeDetect users will be able to extend content monitoring capabilities to non-roman characters, international characters, special characters, etc.

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ChangeDetect comprehensively and reliably monitors any web-enabled content for changes irregardless of file format, protocol accessibility or character set.

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