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Profile difficult web page monitoring targets by passing custom cookies

Profile difficult web page monitoring targets by passing custom cookies

Monitoring sensitive information for changes such as a competitor’s website or an online database maintained by a hostile entity such as a foreign government is sometimes necessary.

However this is not always considered a welcomed activity by the operators of the target site.

On the one side the argument is “information wants to be free”. Considering the meaning, this could be interpreted as the notion that everyone should have free access to all published content, including static web pages and dynamically-generated content from online databases.

The other side of the argument put forth by webmasters is that spiders and data harvesters waste bandwidth. [By the way, ChangeDetect is designed to be a bandwidth friendly, non-harvester.]

Since bandwidth costs valuable resources and the protection of digital rights are a very important consideration, many webmasters employ anti-spidering, anti-harvesting and anti-robot technologies such as JavaScript navigational controls, spider traps and other countermeasures.

All in an attempt to detect and discourage data scrapers and to foil automated monitoring tools through technical means.

If you are seeking to change monitor sensitive data online, most times you must tread lightly.

For all of the power of monitoring password protected web pages and automatically completing form submissions, sometimes good old fashioned cookies work best at attacking the problem of monitoring content for online changes.

No one should have a problem with how you ultimately decide to use the ChangeDetect power tools for web page monitoring. This is because ChangeDetect is very effective at monitoring content for changes, but does so politely and ethically.

ChangeDetect does not need to spider entire websites. Downloading all of the internal links for a website is overkill for change monitoring.

With ChangeDetect, if you can reach web-enabled content through a browser, then you will be able to monitor that page (anonymously if you like) for changes.

For particularly difficult to monitor content, sometimes cookies are you best bet before turning the custom job over to the ChangeDetect Managed Services group.

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