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Expose the hidden web by minding changes to dynamic search results and HTML form submissions

If the “visible web” is internet-enabled content readily indexed by many of the popular search engines such as Google or MSN Search, then the “hidden web” is content that is unable to be indexed by the popular search engines.

The hidden web, which has also been referred to as the “invisible web” or the “deep web”, consists of the following:

  • searchable databases like government sites or job boards;
  • dynamically generated web pages like the product pages for an online store;
  • Internet-enabled archives;
  • excluded content due to an elective, opt-out request or a derogatory search engine ban and;
  • sites with login requirements.

Enormous in its entirety, the hidden web is estimated to account for more than ninety percent of all web-accessible content.

While major search engines such a Google and MSN Search may have no access to the hidden web, ChangeDetect members create search templates to automatically submit form variables and analyze the form results for interesting changes.

With ChangeDetect, the hidden web is now exposed to a powerful content change monitoring tool.

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