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Licensing Options

ChangeDetect EnterpriseYour organization chooses between two affordable software licensing options. Both options encompass the full range of features and functionality offered by the ChangeDetect content monitoring system.

Option 1: ChangeDetect Hosted Service (We Host)

With the ChangeDetect Hosted Service option, we host the content monitoring system remotely at our secure, high-bandwidth data center. Your organization is granted complete Web-based administrative access via your favorite browser.

Up-front costs are eliminated because we provide all of the server hardware and system software, needed to run ChangeDetect. All system configuration and maintenance is included as part of your organization’s monthly fee.

The ChangeDetect Hosted Service is ideal for organizations that seek to eliminate the technical complexity, high startup costs and potentially lengthy implementation times typically associated with acquiring licenses of turn-key systems.

The ChangeDetect Hosted Service is also beneficial to organizations that prefer to license software as a service and eliminate the investment requirements and setup times associated with the deployment of a Licensed Server.

The ChangeDetect Hosted Service is a low-risk solution that brings web page monitoring within reach to even the most budget-minded organizations.

Additional benefits of the ChangeDetect Hosted Service include the power to:

  • Set up your organization’s account in minutes and deploy in hours
  • Retain license transfer rights at any time, in any operating environment
  • Lead the delivery of new features and functionality by receiving more frequent product enhancements and upgrades than with licensed server software
  • Control information technology budgets through predictable monthly costs
  • Incrementally add options to evolve a solution as your business grows
  • Ensure 24/7/365 service availability with regular monitoring by ChangeDetect staff

To get started operating your private version (or customized variant) of ChangeDetect all that is needed is a domain name. If you do not yet have a domain name, then we can provide one for you at no additional charge.

Option 2: ChangeDetect Licensed Server (You Host)

For organizations that prefer to host and administer mission critical software assets and data, we offer the ChangeDetect Licensed Server. ChangeDetect licensees supply their own server hardware, Internet network connectivity, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) operating system and SQL Server database licenses.

The benefits of the ChangeDetect Licensed Server include the power to:

  • Integrate with other software assets and internally-developed applications
  • Maintain complete control over software and hardware administration
  • Ensure compliance with strategic information technology initiatives for highly-regulated businesses and industries

How to get started…

Request information about ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions.