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The world wide web is a most powerful tool being used in applications for competitive intelligence, bid monitoring, contract opportunity tracking, tax rate change alerts and updates for the latest industry news.

The ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions group has developed an automated content monitoring system that can track changes to any Internet/Intranet accessible content including web pages, Microsoft Office documents, Portable Document Format (PDF) files, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) files, images, links and virtually any other web-enabled electronic file or digital content.

ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions delivers personalized change notifications via e-mail alerts, pager notifications and text messages.

How to get started…

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Target Market

ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions are ideally targeted to mid and large scale deployments with a current or anticipated user base of anywhere between 500 and 50,000 seats.

Who uses ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions?

The content monitoring system from ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions has many useful applications.

  • Sales professionals and market researchers leverage ChangeDetect as the “must-have” competitive intelligence tool
  • State, local and federal government contractors use ChangeDetect for bid monitoring and tracking new contract/bidding opportunities
  • Finance, accounting and tax officers take advantage of ChangeDetect by monitoring government/municipality published tax tables and tax rates for state and local jurisdictions
  • Intranet system administrators operate ChangeDetect licensed servers to maximize security and integrate the monitoring functionality with legacy systems
  • Resellers add value and customize ChangeDetect to achieve significant revenue generation opportunities
  • Librarians and information researchers value ChangeDetect content monitoring as a powerful current awareness tool

How Many URLs to Monitor for Changes?

ChangeDetect Enterprise Solutions are also used by “power users” who need to monitor URLs in bulk. 10,000 URLs? 100,000 URLs? Or even 1,000,000 URLs? No problem. All can be monitored with your ChangeDetect Enterprise account.

Reseller Opportunities

Resellers add value and customize the ChangeDetect Hosted Service to achieve significant revenue generation opportunities.

ChangeDetect is the all-in-one turn-key solution. All processes are automated including sign-ups, administration and service delivery. Even back office accounting processes for recurring monthly revenue are automated. And sales are driven in large part by a well-designed (minimal effort) viral marketing campaign.

ChangeDetect offers a premium content monitoring solution marketed to your users under your own brand name.

Competitive Advantage

Intranet system administrators operate ChangeDetect Licensed Servers to leverage content monitoring throughout the enterprise while at the same time maximizing security. The ChangeDetect Licensed Server option makes it possible to easily integrate monitoring capabilities with legacy systems.

Timely notification of content changes empowers your employees to work more efficiently. ChangeDetect frees your employees from having to constantly check web pages for changes. ChangeDetect automates web page monitoring and notification, freeing your employees’ time to work on more interesting tasks.

The ChangeDetect content monitoring system connects your employees to the information they need, when they need it – allowing them to be more productive, creative and innovative.

Empowering employees to “be the first to know” about your industry and its players translates into a valuable competitive advantage for your organization.