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Web Page Monitoring

Services for tracking web pages without RSS feeds…

ChangeDetect – web page monitoring: With the ChangeDetect FREE service, monitor web pages for changes, automatically filter for relevance and receive website update notification.

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Highlighted site update notifications delivered to your e-mail inbox!

Know exactly what content has changed on your watched web pages and websites…

ChangeDetect delivers web page update text to you with color-coded highlights of what has actually changed!

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One-click web page monitoring™ to track website changes

No logins are required to setup web page monitoring with ChangeDetect…

In fact, you do not even have to visit the ChangeDetect website at all…

Just surf the web as you normally do and, with one-click, monitor your favorite web pages and save as you go.

It’s easy…

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Timely notification of content changes via e-mail, text message or smart-phone.

Receive web page change notifications on your e-mail, pager, smart-phone or text messaging device. You will never again lose track of your favorite web pages. With ChangeDetect web page monitoring, you can silence the change notifications at any time in favor of a convenient web-based control panel.

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Free web page monitoring

ChangeDetect is a FREE service to anyone with an e-mail address and access to a web browser.

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